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  Follow these simple rules of safe computing to remain protected with both your computer as well as your identity.
  1. Install a recommended internet securities program. STAY AWAY FROM THE FREE ONES! They offer little or no protection. Hollister Computer recommends BitDefender Total Securities.
  2. NEVER call a toll-free number that appears on your screen. This are always scams. Especially if they use scare tactics saying your computer is at risk.
  3. MICROSOFT WILL NEVER CALL YOU! If anyone calls your phone claiming to be Microsoft or an affiliate of Microsoft, THIS IS A SCAM!
  4. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let anyone take control of your computer remotely. Only allow people you know and trust access to your computer.
  5. RANSOMWARE - Ransomware is a new kind of threat on the internet and is spreading more and more widely. Ransomware usually comes as an attachment to an email message. Common ploys are attached legal or tax documents looking very legitimate (until you check the return email address)
    When you open this document, it then deploys a Trojan program which encrypts your files, specifically documents, music and pictures. Once encrypted, your files cannot be opened without their decrypting software which they want to charge you up to $1000. Bare in mind, these people are crooks! If you give into their demands and pay the $500, you then have to cancel the credit card and are then a victim of identity theft. This is yet another reason I recommend BitDefender because of its ransomware protection.

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